About us

We first saw our venue in December 2017 when we went on a short break to Paihia for our wedding anniversary, and we were going to stop at what was ‘The Cider Shed’ in Warkworth on our way home for dinner, however, when we arrived there, it was closed :(. I wasn’t sure whether that was just for the day, or forever, we later found out that it was closed forever. We thought to ourselves, what a cool venue this could be.

4 months later ‘The cider shed’ was ours! Next on our list was a new name, this was so hard, nothing stuck, we thought some more, and decided that ‘The Red House’ suited it, and we both liked it, so we decided on that. Welcome to The Red House.

Who are Naomi and Wesley Brookes

My wife is a Kiwi and I am British, we have been in hospitality for about 40 years combined, my wife front of house and myself a chef, it has always been my dream to have my own restaurant, to cook the dishes I want to cook with the injected passion of knowing it’s my wife and I’s name on the restaurant, to build our own brand and indeed reputation. We want to do things a little bit different than everyone else, we want to make it easier for people with allergens or special dietary needs to order a meal, knowing they don’t have to wonder whether their meal has gluten in it, or whether it is vegan etc. This is our philosophy and the direction we are aiming for. We want to be a very entertaining establishment, lots of activities for children in a safe environment, we want to host live events, music, car shows, we want to be your destination of choice when it comes to daytime and evening entertainment.